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 At age twelve the owner of DollPartz  weighed 175 lbs.  It was difficult dealing with "mean girls" back in the 70's.  Mean girls and bullies were not policed as they are today. With social media at its peak a young girl's self-esteem can be destroyed instantly for all to see in the public eye.  DollPartz experienced this as a very young girl and truly understands the struggles. Larger girls are teased daily, ridiculed and treated as if they are not a "normal" child.  You d0 not fit in.  The owner made herself fit in with the help of friends.  Instead of being a victim you must rise above. You are who you are because of struggles we face in life and these struggles can either make or break you.  Remember this, for every struggle you face an opportunity to better yourself comes right behind it !

The owner lost weight and is now considered the "skinny girl" which is equally as frustrating as being called the "fat girl."  DollPartz will never use either of those definitions to describe any "body".  No one should be judged on body type.  Our goal is to help everyone feel good about their body and lead a HEALTHY life.  We are also adding a music section to our page which will showcase fashion for the stage and the fan.  This is a very exciting  time us at DollPartz! May all that has become reduced to noise wihin you become music again!